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Hi, welcome to Logo Design Company South Africa.

We’re a graphic design company you approach if you need help with branding. We help business owners and professionals with graphic design services like business logo design, company profile design, corporate stationery and more. Our graphic designers create distinctive, relevant and timeless logos that are simple in form and conveys your brand’s core (values, vision and mission).

Since our launch in 2016, we have created more than 300 logos for startup companies in different industries. Today we work with companies of any size that want a new brand identity or give their existing identity a facelift. Let us give your brand the professional look you need to stand out and communicate value.

Logo Design Pricing

Simple Logo Design Packages

Here at Logo Design Company South Africa, our promise to you is to keep our logo design prices affordable by offering you 3 logo design pricing packages that can fit most budgets – Get your company logo in 5 days, not weeks. For a limited time only, get your business logo design for R950 and that saves you R500!

Startup Package

Suitable for people who want to venture into businesses and do not need things business cards, letterheads, email signatures etc.
R 950
  • 2 Logo options
  • 3x Revisions
  • Original Vector files
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design
On Special

Business Package

Small business package is a perfect solution for new and existing branding projects that require corporate stationery designs.
R 2450
  • 2 Logo Concepts
  • 3x Revisions
  • Company Profile
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design

Corporate Package

This logo package is great for corporate companies that outsource marketing, this package includes stationery and brand style guide.
R 3150
  • 3 Logo Concepts
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Facebook & LinkedIn Covers
  • PowerPoint Template

A Process Behind Every

Successful Logo We Create


A 30 minutes online consultation to understand your vision for your brand’s logo design.


Appropriate logo options presented to you for consideration based on our briefing session.


Choose one option that’s closest to your logo idea and we’ll refine it to suit your style and preference.

See how these logos

Look In Real World

Restaurant Corporate Identity Design South Africa
Rob Shabs Kitchen Corporate Stationery Designs
Interio Architecture Corporate Stationery Design South Africa
Spacelift Interior Architecture Corporate Stationey Design
Consulting Company Stationery Design South Africa
Nazura Investment Corporation Stationery Design
Coffee Shop Business Card Design South Africa
Spoon & Half Coffee Shop Business Card Design
Wedding Service Stationery Design South Africa
Wedding Insider Corporate Stationery Design
Agricultural Consulting Business Card Design South Africa
One Degree Business Card Design

How to get started With

Your Company Logo Design

#1 Contact us

Please email us your details by completing the inquiry form so that we can call you.

#2 Schedule a meeting

Once we receive your inquiry we will call you to schedule a 30 minutes discovery session.

#3 Paperwork

Our team will put together a proposal for your project based on our discovery session.

#4 Quotation

Once you accept the proposal, our accounts will send a quotation so you can pay the deposit.

#5 We design the logo

Our design team will put heads together to come up with best logo ideas for your brand.

#6 You approve

You review the logos, request revisions if there’s any, signoff, pay the balance and we email digital vector files.

Our difference

Why other entrepreneurs prefer Logo Design Company South Africa over other creatives

We realise the effort and countless hours you have put to finally put together your business idea and create a unique experience for your ideal customers. Now you want to create an identity that’ll reflect your brand and communicate the intended message to your customers.

Get the best logo design South Africa graphic designers can offer. 

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Logo Design Company South Africa

We are one of the leading logo design companies in South Africa.

As professional logo designers in South Africa to us being ranked among the top logo designing companies means our number one priority is superior service and producing top quality logos that are modern, simple in form and timeless for our customers.

With this in mind, each logo design or brand identity we create our designers aim to meet or exceed your expectations and ensure to deliver your project on agreed timeframe.

Ever since we started offering company logo designing service in 2016, we’ve managed to work with over 300 startups helping them shape their brands for success in digital marketing world.

Need help with a logo? Let Logo Design Company South Africa be your design hero – start today.

Why your company needs a logo?

Your logo is the first point of interaction clients and potential customers will associate and identify your brand with. So you want a logo design that stands out and is timeless. We have created many bespoke logos for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries, and are consistently praised for the distinctive and professional logo designs we produce.

South Africa is a place full of logo designers of varying effectiveness for businesses of all different sizes, so we fully understand how hard it is to find the right provider. At Logo Design Company South Africa, we design custom logos to work with your business and help you achieve your business objectives. Not only do provide custom logo design for SMEs and larger organisations, but we also work with start-up companies who are looking to differentiate themselves in a fast-growing and competitive marketplace.

How a well thought logo design benefits your brand?

A good logo helps you standout

In this digital age, companies compete online. How do you then stand from other businesses competing for the same audience? It all begins with crafting a unique and relevant logo. A good logo grabs attention within seconds and sticks in viewers eyes. Your logo will hook customers to want to learn more about your business. We can help you design a logo that attracts people to want to know more about you. A logo that makes potential customers perceive you as the professional that you are. We’ve created logos for companies in different industries—We can make your brand stand out.

A well thought logo instils your brand in people's minds

Apart from making your brand stand out, a well-thought-out logo keeps your brand in the mind of potential customers. When it comes to logo design simplicity is key. Think about one brand that you like the most. If you thought about Nike or Uber you’re right on the money. These are some of the world’s known brands that keep their branding simple and straightforward. With or without the brand’s name, you can still tell that is a Nike logo or Ad. You want to keep your logo simple enough to make it more effective.

A logo maintains branding consistency

A logo creates endless branding possibilities. Once you’ve got your own logo, it can be used on your website, across social media, on physical products and on advertising materials, tying your work together and solidifying your brand. From colour to typography, images and other supporting visual elements, your logo creates visual harmony. Your logo is the foundation pillar of all your marketing materials, providing a professional image that attracts customers, therefore building your brand and business. Your logo gives your business a visual identity that contributes to your professional image.

How colour influences your brand's perception?

The right colours can distinguish your brand, attract customers and create strong brand-based loyalty, while the wrong colours can sink you in the marketplace. In order to establish a comprehensive and effective brand identity, you must choose your colours wisely–Considering not only what colours might attract the right attention within your category – while also giving your brand distinction, and for example, stand out on retail shelves, but how your brand colour schemes will affect customer perceptions, evoke certain moods and grab attention.

Black in branding

Considered the absence of colours, black is a powerful colour to include in branding. Black is traditionally seen as a symbol of professionalism and seriousness. However, it can also be used to elicit feelings of elegance, substance, and power. Brands that pick black are looking to make a powerful statement and convey a sense of authority and respectability

Grey in branding

Unlike many of the other colours, grey is one of the most neutral shades available. Brands often choose it for its timeless, practical, and unbiased feeling. It’s ideally used as a secondary colour to provide a calmer and more neutral background to bold colours, though some companies (like Apple) use it with resounding success.

White in branding

White tends to be ignored or relegated to the background, but this neutral colour is important. It can work as a secondary colour to provide contrast and can deliver a clean, simple background for a logo. White is a reflective colour that represents purity, sophistication and efficiency. Brands trying to convey a level of exclusivity and luxury can use white to resounding success.

Yellow in branding

This warm colour is the shining example of friendliness and cheer. Brands that are seeking to draw in consumers with a comforting, warm embrace and youthful energy should look towards Yellow. Additionally, the colour can radiate a playful and affordable identity.

Red in branding

One of the primary colours, and a universal symbol of passion, anger, and excitement, red is a popular colour in branding. If you’re looking for a loud, playful, and young brand image, red is an ideal option. If you prefer a more understated, conservative approach, red shouldn’t be on your colour radar.

Orange in branding

Orange is yellow’s more playful and energetic cousin. It mixes a more invigorating and active emotion associated with red while employing yellow’s mellower tones. Orange is great for brands looking to elicit feelings of vitality and happiness, such as travel companies. Its aggressiveness tempered by friendliness presents a great colour for calls to action.

Purple in branding

For brands trying to exude an air of sophistication and royalty, purple is a top choice. It’s also a great choice for those attempting to display their creativity and soothing identity. Purple is a top choice by brands like cosmetics and high-end retail companies. Those looking for a broader, down-to-earth appeal should avoid deep purples.

Blue in branding

Like the calm seas, blue inspires a sense of calm and spiritual awareness along with feelings of trust. Blue is a great choice for healthcare and medical brands which are attempting to inspire a sense of calm and healing. On the other hand, deeper blues offer corporate brands a sense of confidence and professionalism. However, overusing blue can make a brand appear cold and detached.

Green in branding

Green is one of the more restful colors, as it doesn’t force the eye to make any adjustments. The color suggests a sense of balance and calm as well as a connection to nature. Brands that are looking to portray an opportunity for fresh starts and security can consider green as a way to relax the mind. It doesn’t pack the energetic punch of the warm colours, so companies pursuing a bold statement may not prefer it.

Brown in branding

The deep hues of brown inspire a sense of seriousness without black’s stronger overtones. It remains softer and its connection to natural tones makes it a more grounded choice. Brands looking to portray a sense of quiet supportiveness and reliability could do well with brown. Its connection to nature also offers a sense of rugged, yet warm feel.

Pink in branding

Often considered the most feminine colour, pink shades are nonetheless versatile. Being a lighter shade of red, brands that employ pink can retain a sense of energy and cheer blended with a perception of soothing calm. This is a feeling sometimes associated with sex and sexuality. It also shines a nurturing light that soothes and reminds us of the feminine principle.

How fonts reinforces your brand's personality?

One element that needs to be considered when creating and building your brand and its identity is typography. Typography refers to the font/s chosen to communicate your brand and how they are used and incorporated in your logo and marketing material. Typography is a must for every piece of communication that your current and new customers will see. It is an extension of your tone of voice; which is at the heart of your brand personality.

This makes it essential to get it right. When selecting a font to use throughout your branding and your logo, keep in mind the values that you would like to convey. Each font can portray its own personality, and there are many to choose from. When used correctly they can enhance your brand.

Serif fonts

What Is A Serif Typeface?

Serif is probably the oldest known typeface. It’s a basic typeface with some extra details, usually referred to as flags or tags, on the letter. Serif fonts have been used for printing purposes for many centuries.

Serif Font Psychology

Serif is the most commonly used font category. These easy to read fonts are so old and common that they can accompany any personality. That is, these fonts are neutral, just like the old men of the family. These fonts are

  • Reliable
  • Respectable
  • Dependable
  • Reputable
  • Conventional
  • Neutral

Sans Serif Fonts

What Is A Sans Serif Typeface?

Sans means without. These are easy-to-read general fonts that do not contain any tags or flags. These fonts were used for printing headlines along with serif fonts which were used as body text.

Sans Serif Font Psychology

Just like Serif font, sans-serif is also an old and widely used font category. It acts as neutral but is contemporary. Sans Serif fonts have the following characteristics:

  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Contemporary
  • Straight Forward
  • Futuristic
  • Neutral

Script Fonts

What Is A Script Typeface?

These Fonts are a part of the decorative font category. These are easy to read cursive/handwritten fonts.

Script Font Psychology

Script fonts are carefree and have a creative outlook. These are used to express creativity and emotions. Script fonts with more curves show femininity. Script fonts are used to express:

  • Creativity
  • Interest
  • Emotions
  • Femininity

Get the best logo design South Africa graphic designers can offer.

Do you want to build a strong brand that stands out? Logo Design Company South Africa provides one of the most affordable logo design services in South Africa. We’ve been creating logos that are simple and stand the test of time since 2016. Trust a graphic design company that has earned its stripes in logo design and visual identity design.

Logo design FAQs

In this section, you will find answers to the most common logo design questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email us, we will gladly answer your question.

How much logo design cost in South Africa?

Logo design prices vary from company to company. Most logo design companies in South Africa charge between R500 - R10 000 for a logo design. The price of a logo also depends on who you are getting it from and what other visual identity elements are added with your logo design package. Our logo design prices are quoted in South African rand and packages start at R950.

Can I pay once I see the concepts you come up with?

No, a logo design idea is the most important part of the process. We ask for a deposit to protect our ideas. We've had situations where we present ideas without prior payment and people disappear with our concepts.

How long do you take to design a typical logo project?

The turnaround time for a logo from sales to completion is typically 3-7 days, subject to workload which will be discussed before any payments are made. Timescales are also dependent on response time, and any additional changes to designs.

How man logo concepts do I get?

Following the design phase, you will be presented with 2 or 3 logo options based the logo design package of your choice. Once final payment has been made, you will own the copyright to the final agreed design.